Best Choke for Duck Hunting: Is It Improved Cylinder Choke or Modified Choke?

A list of best chokes for waterfowl guns

Earlier, we introduce you to two shotgun chokes that are best for hunting small, fast, and close birds. And today, we will get closer into the applications of these choke types into duck hunting and figure out what is the best choke for duck hunting.

Let’s explore now.

What Is The Best Choke for Duck Hunting?


As we mentioned in the last post, there are six common shotgun choke constrictions, including the extra-full chokes, full chokes, modified chokes, cylinder chokes, improved cylinder chokes, and skeet chokes.

To target waterfowlers, we will recommend the improved cylinder (IC) and modified chokes – because ducks are often close and frequently moving from one to another place. You need extra quickness in spreading pellets and accuracy while shooting.

Modified chokes


The modified chokes have less constriction compared to the full chokes so that the shotgun can deliver two-third of the total pellets of the shell within 40 yards of a 30-inch circle. At this rate, the gun can easily handle trap shooting, waterfowl hunting, as well as upland games.

However, you should know that not all modified chokes are the same. Coming to the duck hunting, you can even divide the options into light modified chokes and improved modified chokes.

Light modified chokes ̣(LM)

Those chokes are somewhere between the improved cylinder and modified chokes, in which the constriction is almost forgotten so that the chokes are quickly opened for close-range hunting around 40 yards. In other words, you can use the light modified units for mid-range ducks or gooses.

Moreover, the extended light-modified chokes move shooting stress beyond the muzzle to improve the overall patterns. Thus, you will get the right balance of dense for follow-up shots and openness for over-decoy ones.

Improved modified chokes ̣(IM)

The improved modified units are tighter than the standard modified while they still do not over-constrict. For that reason, you can expect the chokes to put a number of pellets on the ducks that skirt the spread.

In addition, in the case of high-velocity loads, the improved modified chokes are able to handle fast patterns rather than blow them. Eventually, they hit the waterfowls and drop dead.

Improved cylinder chokes (IC)

The improved cylinder chokes are even less constricted than the light modified ones. As a result, they can distribute a smaller number of pellets – about 50% in a circle of 30 inches and at 40 yards.

With these chokes, you will find it easier to hunt ducks and gooses via decoys, especially with rifled slugs.

Best Choke for Duck Hunting: A List of 4 Reviews

Having the name of four chokes for duck hunting, you might not be able to go for a purchase. Fortunately, we give a shortcut to the best choke for duck hunting of each type for your reference.

Carlson’s Beretta/Benelli Mobil 12 GA – Best Light Modified Waterfowl Choke


Carlson is a reliable brand to look for when you need a shotgun choke in general and a duck-hunting choke, for particular. Take the Beretta/Benelli Mobil 12 GA Light Modified version, for example. This gear allows you to follow up the ducks more quickly and easily.

At a glance, the choke feels sturdy to handle powerful shots with less recoil. In fact, the Beretta/Benelli Mobil 12 GA is made of the heavy-duty 17-04 stainless steel, which is supposed to do you good.

Secondly, the parallel section is improved by 25% to reduce fliers while tightening the dense patterns at the same time. Safe to say, more pellets will go straight to the targets.


  • Surprisingly affordable
  • Extended portion for easy insertion and removal
  • Durable 17-04 stainless steel to last longer
  • Fast and less flying pellets in the end
  • Full lifetime warranty included


  • Possibly loosen over time
  • Not compatible with all Beretta guns

Patternmaster Code Black – Best Improved Modified Duck Choke


So far, there are almost no complaints about the Patternmaster Code Black as a duck choke tube. It makes sense when you look closely at all parts of the choke.

Accordingly, the choke features a durable look, coming with the wad stripping to the barrel and internal rings to separate from the shot column. It means you will less suffer from a negative experience with the wad and get more pellets reaching the ducks.

More excitingly, the Code Black modified choke can keep the patterns together at 60 yards.


  • Continuous shooting with stud ring
  • Patented gas-over-constriction tech
  • Self-contained tactical tube
  • Tight and dense patterns to hit ducks more exactly


  • Expensive price tag

Carlson’s Remington Pro Bore 12 GA – Best Improved Cylinder Choke for Duck Hunting


Speaking of the improved cylinder choke for duck hunting, we recommend Carlson’s Remington Pro Bore 12 GA.

For good reasons.

Since its first introduction in 2016, the choke has been well-known among waterfowl hunters who require a very tight pattern and an extended downrange.

To be exact, the Shot-Lok technology – in combination with the durable construction and 12 gauge system, will offer extra penetration to the common lead shot by 10% even when the hunting area is up to 50 yards.


  • Coming with 12 GA Remington systems
  • Improved Shot-Lok technology
  • The improved-cylinder constriction of 0.720
  • Durable heat-treated steel and matte finish
  • Made in the U.S with a lifetime warranty


  • Not fittable in the common 870
  • Still high-priced compared to others

FAQs about Duck Hunting Chokes


Is the choke that helpful for hunting ducks?

Yes, for sure.

No shotgun can meet every hunter’s requirements, for example, those who like turkey hunting and others who opt-in small bird hunting.

As a result, the chokes come as customization to maintain pellets at different ranges and for different targets – using their constriction.

What is an extended/open choke?

Besides dividing the chokes into 6 types, hunters also classify them into flush, ported, and extended ones.

Put merely; flush versions are internal choke tubes that are inside the barrel. Ported chokes and extended chokes, meanwhile, have an additional 20mm past the barrel. The ported chokes are supposed to offer comfort and easy maintenance. And, the extended chokes aim at high performance based on frequent clean.

Modified and improved cylinder chokes are those in the extended category.

Why should you not use the full chokes?

The full or extra full chokes are very tight, so they are common for slow targets. When it comes to ducks, they are often moving a lot. Then, you need the extended chokes like the modified or improved cylinder chokes to create a more uniform and accurate pattern.

What to Consider for Waterfowl Gears?

The chokes must be compatible with your guns. Thus, you also had better get some knowledge of duck guns.

Overall, those guns must work well in the mud, humid situations, and in single-digit temperatures rather than be pretty as the bird guns. Plus, the guns should feature heavy-loads to kill waterfowl cleanly.

Specifically, some to take notes of some features:

  • 2-inch 12 gauges
  • Semi-autos action
  • Chokes included
  • Medium-length barrel
  • Weight triggers and overall gun

Final Thoughts

To sum up, the best choke for duck hunting should be either the improved cylinder choke or modified choke. Take all information above and the product reviews in mind to make a wise choice so that you can bag as many ducks as possible in the very next hunting game!

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