Two Hunters Are Duck Hunting in a Boat What Is The Safest Position?

Earlier, we published a topic on What Safety Precaution Should You Take When Hunting From A Boat? Fortunately, it seems helpful enough that we have received more and more questions about boat hunting safety, for example, “Two hunters are duck hunting in a boat, what is the safest position?” or “What happens when the two hunters swing to the same side when firing?”, or “What are required as duck-hunting safety?, etc.

Then, here are our answers.

1. Two hunters are duck hunting in a boat, what is the safest position?

Two hunters are duck hunting in a boat, what is the safest position?

Back-to-back is the safest position for two duck hunters in a boat, that way, the zone-of-fire is confined to a 180-degree area to ensure the safety of each hunter, meanwhile, they can get a better balance.

Accordingly, the two hunters will sit on the center of the boat with their back opposite. That way, they can save spaces on the two ends for hunting gear and stuff. As a result, the weight is mainly distributed in the middle and less likely to tip over.

Moreover, take the fire zones in mind, meaning you must ensure that any outbreak of fire will not pose your fellow to danger. In specific, you two should not sit too close to each other so that you can move slightly backward and forward when you shoot or target the ducks. Moreover, the hunters should only shoot at the in-front game.

2. What happens when the two hunters swing to the same side when firing?

You might throw off balance and end up capsizing over.

Imagine that you two are sitting back-to-back on the boat when you start swinging to the same side. Then, the boat is likely to suffer from a sudden sideward and tip over.

To avoid such an unbalanced recoil, you two hunters must discuss the hunting strategy well in advance. Moreover, when you plan to swing or make a move, you must inform your fellow as well.

3. Can I stand on a boat to take a shot?


Never do that, shooting while you are standing on a boat is very dangerous.

Keeping a balance on a boat is a challenging task, especially when you are with the heavy and bulky duck-hunting gear. You might fall when you are sitting still, let alone you stand to start firing.

Then, not only might you capsize the boat, but you might also get the loaded weapon targeted to your fellow or innocent people.

4. What is required as duck-hunting safety?

Dress properly, Position back-to-back in the center, Stay alert and Shoot smartly.

If you already have a look at our post on the safety precautions when hunting from a boat, you might take your own notes. In case you might miss it, we will summarize some useful advice for you.

  • Prepare yourself with hunting and boating knowledge, especially swimming skills.
  • Check the weather in advance. It is better to roll out when the clouds roll in.
  • Inform at least one friend about your duck-hunting plan, even when you have one fellow sit back-to-back with you while hunting.
  • Check the vessel in advance to ensure that it works well. Also, think of how you load the gear and other stuff on the boat.
  • Keep a perfect condition before you go hunting ducks, physically and mentally. 
  • Always wear reliable life-jackets and warm clothes. You should even better prepare light clothes to exchange in case you fall out of the boat and get coldly wet.
  • Be calm and act properly when you are on the boat, for example, do not suddenly make a move. Even when you fall overboard, do not be frightened. Instead, climb on top or back into the board.

All in all,

Besides knowing “Two hunters are duck hunting in a boat, what is the safest position?”, you should also take notes of duck-hunting precaution and answers to frequently asked questions.

Hope our blog is helpful and let me know if you need further help.

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