Good news: Air rifles are good at hunting small game such as squirrels, birds, or rabbits. However, choosing the one which works is not an easy task when there are hundreds of options available in different types, features, and prices, especially if you are looking for the best air rifle under $100, meaning a no-frills kit that can be effective and cut it with a budget.

Fortunately, it does not refer to the fact that there are no budget air rifles well worth. Here we provide a list of the best cheap air rifles, carefully picked up through our years of hunting.

How to Choose Budget Air Guns?

Mat decided on an ambush next to a grain hopper to give him the best chance of a close shot.

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Hunters often in two minds about air rifles under $100, thinking whether they end up a scam unsecured gun that will break down after a shoot.

Then, keep some brief notes to get the best air rifle under $100 that are good:

  • Most budget air guns use 0.177 pellets or BB
  • They might be mostly made of plastic
  • The basic design is expected
  • Sometimes, you can buy used air rifles to get favorable prices

The Best Air Rifle under $100: A List of 5

Daisy 880 Powerline Air Rifle Kit

Daisy 880 Powerline Air Rifle Kit

This is the best plinking break-barrel gun hands down for the money when it comes to shooting small games like pests, squirrels, and rabbits.


  • .117 calibers
  • 43.3 inches long and 5.47 lbs
  • Multi-pump pneumatic rifle
  • Single cocking break barrel
  • Muzzle velocity of 750 fps
  • 4×15 scope included
  • 1-year warranty

The PowerLine 880 by Daisy is a great shooting kit of BB/pellet rifle that features a wood-grained, molded Monte Carlo stock and forearm. You can have up to 50 BBs in the magazine, ready to shoot when you pull back the bolt and push it forward. Otherwise, use the single-load .177 caliber pellets. Ideally, pump the gun three times for indoor target practice or up to ten times to achieve maximum velocity for outdoor shooting and pest control. The scope is adjustable for windage and elevation. It features a crosshair reticle and is fog proof, shockproof, and color corrected.

Daisy Powerline 901 Air Rifle

Daisy Powerline 901 Air Rifle

Its name reveals, the Powerline 901 is more advanced than the Powerline 880, thinking of the features. Still, it can be considered one of the best air rifles under $100 options for you to go with the very next hunting.

  • .117 calibers
  • 45 inches long and 6.06 lbs
  • Steel rifled barrel
  • Muzzle velocity of 750 fps
  • 1-year warranty

The PowerLine Model 901 features a black advanced-composite stock and forearm to shoot either BBs or pellets like the 880. Target shooters are possibly back with the adjustable rear sight, the fiber optic front sight, and the rifled steel barrel to enhance the field of view. However, the gun itself supports a maximum muzzle velocity of 750 fps.

At the rate, this gun also fits the bill for small game hunting.

Crosman CLGY1000KT Legacy 1000

Crosman CLGY1000KT Legacy 1000

A tip for those who might not know is that Crosman is a reliable provider of budget air rifles, meaning that you can always find great deals from them. Take the Crosman CLGY1000KT Legacy 1000 – their new advanced variable pump air rifle, for example.

  • .117 calibers
  • 46 inches long
  • Spring pistol powered
  • Break Bull barrel
  • Muzzle velocity of 750 – 800 fps
  • 4 x 32 shockproof scope included
  • 1-year warranty

Initially, taking it out of the package you might be a little disappointed, Crosman CLGY1000KT Legacy 1000 comes all plastic except for the barrel and a thin steel barrel shrouded in hard plastic and then plated with sheet metal. However, given the fact that the gun is in the best air rifle under $100 category, it is acceptable.

The selling-point that can make you think lightly about the material is that the gun is extremely accurate. The power is very good as well. We shot through a makeshift pellet trap with layered magazines inside and it left a mark on the wood behind.

Crosman M4-177 Tactical Style

Crosman M4-177 Tactical Style

The Crosman M4-177 is the next great variable pump air rifle by Crossman. We strongly recommend it for its easy-to-use variable pump features. You can simply control the power from 350 fps to 700 fps for everything from plinking to pest control.

  • 0.177  calibers
  • 42.8 inches long and 7.3 lbs
  • Pre-charged pneumatic (PCP) powered
  • Multi-shot bolt action
  • Muzzle velocity of 900 fps

Similar to other Crossman’s budget air guns, the Crosman M4-177 Tactical Style is somehow plastic-cheap. Nonetheless, we definitely should not dismiss this rifle based on the look. When we get insight into it, the gun turns out to be well-designed. The horizontal sliding pellet clip is pure genius as is the bb holder and reservoir design and the fact that it holds the sight adjustment tool and two spare clips in the fake magazine. All of this is awesome. The bb’s and pellets are super-easy to load.

In terms of shooting, the Crosman M4-177 Tactical Style is fairly accurate with BB’s out of the box, requiring minimal to no adjustment of rear peep sight to shoot straight and accurately. Keep in mind that the carry handle version does not have an adjustable front sight, the rear can be adjusted for both windage and elevation.

Crosman Air Rifle Kit

Truth be told, we cannot get enough of the Crossman air rifles when it is related to the best air rifle under $100. And the Crosman Air Rifle Kit is, surprisingly, affordable and convenient because the manufacturer packs all you need for a hunting game, including the air rifle, glasses. BB and pellets, as well as the target.

  • 0.177 calibers
  • 46 inches long and 9.3 lbs
  • Adjusted for trigger pull
  • Repeated bolt action
  • Muzzle velocity of 730 fps

Back then in the 1900s, hunters were even familiar with the Crosman airguns, say, the Pumpmaster 760. And the Crosman Air Rifle Kit gives off the same old-day experience with the same basic design. The scope is basic as well and comes with lens caps for both ends. I prefer Crosman for its rugged design and accuracy.

All in all, good for entry-level shooters or even teenagers to knock out the very first small games in their hunting life.

In The End, The Best Air Rifle under $100 Is …

The best air rifle under $100 on the list is the Daisy Powerline 901 Air Rifle. This gun gives a balance between ease of use and acceptable power for the entry-level hunters to practice and play with. If you are also a beginner, take it with no hesitation! Other guns on the list are also helpful and reliable, particularly if you used to shoot with the Crossman’s guns before.

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