Headlamps play a significantly important role in outside survival situations, as well as outdoor activities like camping, exploring some caverns, or hunting. So, for any hunting trip, picking a good one will decide the result of the whole hunting trip. However, it’s not simple as you thought. Before buying a headlamp, tons of questions will fly in your head. Which lights can deliver the high performance in any situation? How can you determine the right headlamp that fits your need and style? Or when having owned a light, you may be disappointed with it, and desire a brighter and stronger one. No more confusion! TL900 LED is the perfect piece of gear to accommodate all of your lighting needs. It’s a perfect light which both preserves your night vision and helps you receive free benefits on your walk. This headlamp has proven to be very convenient and useful for anyone who loves hunting.

What is the TL900 LED Headlamp?

TL900 LED Headlamp is a flexible bulb which is manufactured by Primitive Survivors – a leading provider of outdoor and survival gear from backpacks to flashlights. And TL900 LED Headlamp is one of their featured products with a variety of nice features. Four-mode lights. Light extended up to 500 meters away. Three-way adjustable headband. It is a headlamp that helps you get your hands free and super-lantern magnificent preference for an evening stroll, hike or all circumstances.

Technical details

Item Weight 15.7 ounces
Batteries Lithium Metal batteries required.
Material Aircraft Aluminum
Power Source AC
Voltage 3.7 volts
Type of Bulb LED
Performance Description Max Brightness: 1000 lumens
Average Battery Life 15 hours

How does TL900 work?

Using the technology that first pioneered by the US Military, the TL900 LED Headlamp is considered the best-mounted lighting. It offers a ridiculously bright LED light, with the classic goggle strap. It can adjust 90 degrees for precise viewing without craning your neck.

How to use TL900 LED Headlamp

TL900 LED Headlamp is quite easy to operate. It will feel like a part of your body in no time flat!

  • Adjust the straps to fit your head securely. If you wear it with a hat, equip it first.
  • Find the toggle at the rear for the light settings 1 through 4.
  • Find the toggle at the front for focusing and pivot.

Why choose TL900 LED Headlamp?


You may be biking on a trail in the woods, or running to hunt big games. So using both hands for other job is an impossible thing. Having the liberty of your hands will provide you the convenience and the safety from possible accidents. And it’s also the main advantage of this TL900.

Compact and Lightweight

Designed with the compact shape, this lamp can fit your head for hours without any strain on your head or neck. Especially you won’t have headaches or be difficult in moving with bulky and heavy lamp, because TL900 is very light, just about 400g.

High durability

If you need a lamp which is extreme enough to handle everything in the hard and unforgiving landscape, TL900 LED should be in your consideration. Once putting on the headlamp, you will realize you’re a higher quality headlamp.

  • Aluminum Alloy Casing:Made of aircraft-grade aluminum alloy, the casing around the flashlight is super tough, and long lasting. And the fact that it’s water resistant makes it ideal to use even when it’s raining. Thanks to the aluminum alloy material, it can withstand the force and pressure. Even it’s durable to give you the peace of mind in case you drop it, or something falls on it.
  • Nylon strap:It’s easily adjustable, so you can fit it to adjust to the size of your head and the tightness you want. The nylon strap is thick and sturdy enough to weather the elements for years to come.


Plus, without turning the neck, the light can be still directed to whatever direction. It’s because of the 90-degree tilt. It allows you to adjust for accurate display. For example, when you explore a cave or just want to beam through a dark path, the lighthouse angle can be adjusted up to 90 degrees.

Light quality

Be a tactical headlamp, TL900 is much brighter than ordinary light.

  • 100,000 hours of lamp life: You don’t need to usually change batteries because this light has an incredible life of 100,000 hours.
  • Four-mode settings: This headlamp uses any of 4 modes: strobe, high, low, or SOS.
  • Zoom capacity: Its beam can focus at a maximum zoom of 2000 to have the night to a whole new level expeditions. You can choose from normal, x250, x500, x1000, and x2000.
  • T6 Cree LED Emitter: T6 LED powers the head lens on the TL900, so it provides an output light of 800 to 1000 lumens.



TL900 Tactical Headlamp contains a rechargeable battery which can deliver up to 100,000 hours of lamp life. The battery pack in the pack was easy to open and use, and we had no trouble getting the headlamp to work.

Final thought

TL900 LED Headlamp is an effective recommendation for hunters. Best of all, the benefits you can get from purchasing TL900 is very incredible. LED bulb, 4 different modes, lightweight, waterproof, a rechargeable battery. All will bring you happy experience with the nighttime hunting trip.

TL900 Tactical Headlamp is #1 selling headlamp on the market today. If you’re someone who is keen on hunting life, so don’t miss a great lamp like this. Buy TL900 LED Headlamp now!

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