Last week, I discussed the shotgun chokes for small birds and those for duck hunting. Since then, many readers keep asking which shotgun choke is best for hunting a large, slow bird, such as turkey.

Thus, I write a complete summary of the best choke tube for turkey shoots for those who need it.

Keep reading if you are also wondering about the turkey shoot chokes, but do not know what to choose.

What to Expect from a Turkey Choke?

You do not need a luxury gun for turkey hunting. Instead, the number of pellets in the kill zone is all the matter.

According to many pro hunters, there is a rule of thumb to guarantee a clean shot over the turkeys, that is to put 100 pellets inside a circle of 10 inches and at 40 yards.

The reason you need to pattern such a dense amount of pellets is that turkeys are often stronger and tougher than other birds. Then, you need to put the sight down the nervous system – the skull and the spin system halfway down to the neck of turkeys, to kill the turkeys more quickly.

Then, if the shotgun itself fails to preven clusters in the open areas, you will need to invest in different loads – or for the better, a new choke system which is good within 20 to 40 yards. At this rate, you can expect a dense pattern in the vital areas as above. Theoritically, you can combine the ammunition and the choke tube to shoot the turkeys at 60 or 70 yards, However, the big size makes the turkeys closer than its real distance, meaning you do not need to shoot at that far.

Moreover, the chosen turkey shoot choke tubes should be interchangeable in the end of the barrel. That way, you are able to customize the load for any purpose at ease.

Which Shotgun Choke Is Best for Hunting a Large, Slow Bird, Such as a Turkey?

Unlike the chokes for ducks and small, fast, clos birds which ofter a uniform of patterns like the modified and improved cylinder smokes, the best turkey hunting chokes are full or super-full tubes. The reason is for head shots necessary.

Get a brief understanding of the six off-the-shelf choke tubes.

Full choke for turkey

It is all agreed by hunters that the more constriction means the tighter choke tube required, and in turn, the more extended shooting range for turkeys.

This type of chokeshas a constriction of 0.030 inch which is quite enough to delivery 70% of the total pellets in a shell at 40 yards and in a 30-inch circle.

It is ond ov the moxt ideal hunting choke tubes for turkey, buckshot, waterfowl, and upland birds, etc.

Extra-full choke for turkey

As the name suggests, the extra-full tube is the best turkey choke with a ultra-tight constriction to ensure the densest shotting patterns. Thus, you can expect that 80% of the total pellets in a shell are shot in a 30-inch circle in 50-yard areas.

Best Shotgun Choke for Turkey: Full & Super-full

There are many people searching for which shotgun choke is best for hunting a large, slow bird, such as a turkey, almost everyday. For that reason, it makes sense that most manufacturers have turkey shotgun choke tubes available.

Belows are the most well-worth tubes which are hand-picked for a large and slow bird like the turkey.

Carlson’s Beretta/Benelli Mobil – A Benelli turkey choke

The first to mention is the Carlson’s Beretta/Benelli Mobil 12 GA Sporting Clays, which is especially developed to be used in the Beretta/Benelli gun, like the Baretta A300 12 GA, Stoeger M3500 or Hatfield 12 ga SAS. With a 25% extension in parallel section, the choke is supposed to increase the success of hitting targets by 70%.

Some interesting additional features of this benelli 20 gauge turkey choke are the knurled-end for easy exchange and the etched laser on the end to easy reference.


  • The gauge: 20 GA
  • Size: .590 inch, 25% larger parallel section
  • Material: 1704 stainless steel
  • Additional feature: knurled- and etched-laser end
  • Compatibility: Benelli and beretta turkey choke
  • Lifetime warranty

Carlson Extended Extra Full Turkey Choke – 870 Turkey Choke

The next is a Remington super full turkey choke provided by Carlson. This choke is also helpful to improve your hunting victory with more shoots-out.

Especially, the patterns given are optimal with am extented super-full parallel section to fit well on the rem choke turkey shotgun.

Specifications you will want to save:

  • The gauge: 12 GA
  • Size: .640 inch, larger parallel section
  • Material: 1704 stainless steel
  • Additional feature: matte finish, and hevi-shot
  • Compatibility: Remington choke

Another choice for shotgun chokes for turkey hunting is the

In Sum

It is time for you to make a decision over the best hunting shotgun choke because now you already know which shotgun choke is best for hunting a large, slow bird, such as a turkey.

Let us know in the comment box if you still have hesitation, we are ready to help.

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