If you’re a hunter or recreational shooter looking for high-quality and durable shooting targets, Easyshot Targets should be at the top of your list. Made in the USA using space-age polymers and premium materials, Easyshot offers a wide variety of innovative and versatile target options, perfect for honing your shooting skills. In this blog post, we’ll provide a detailed overview of Easyshot Targets, their product line, top features and benefits, and reasons why they make an excellent choice for your shooting target needs.

Overview of Easyshot Targets

Easyshot Targets was founded in 2002 by a aerospace engineer who leveraged his background to create superior shooting targets. Headquartered in Kansas, their targets are made using advanced polymers, bondings, and coatings that can withstand all types of ammunition, from pistols to high-powered rifles. Easyshot has patented their Armour Tuff technology, which makes their targets virtually indestructible with the ability to stop bullets without tearing or deteriorating.

All Easyshot targets are designed and manufactured in the USA at their state-of-the-art facility. They pride themselves on innovative designs made from space-age materials that provide visible impact zones for easy scoring and evaluation.

Product Line

Easyshot offers shooting targets for a wide range of firearms and skills. This includes:

  • Rifle Targets: 3D animal targets for hunting practice as well as silhouettes, diopters, and splatter targets.
  • Pistol Targets: Classic bullseye, IPSC competition, zombie, hostage, and movie poster-style pistol targets.
  • Archery Targets: Highly visible hunting vitals and crosshair targets for compound bows and crossbows.
  • Pellet Gun Targets: Squirrel silhouettes, bullseyes, and sight-in targets for air rifle practice.

Some of their most popular individual targets include the Full Boar vital organs target, the Zombie Biohazard splatter target, and the Patriot Series army silhouette targets.

Top Features and Benefits

There are many excellent features that make Easyshot Targets the best shooting targets on the market:

  • Durable Construction – Made from self-sealing polymers which resist tearing and deformation even after thousands of rounds.
  • Superior Visibility – Bright colors and high contrast printings allow for easy visibility and scoring.
  • Weather Resistance – Rain, snow, heat or cold has no effect on Easyshot targets thanks to UV coatings.
  • Universal Compatibility – Made to work with all firearms including everything from .22LR to .50 BMG rounds.
  • Innovative Designs – Patented technology and creative target designs accommodate a variety of shooting games and skills training.
  • Affordable Pricing – Very reasonably priced, especially considering their quality and durability.
  • Made in USA – American made with strict quality control standards for consistency.

With Easyshot targets you get innovative, versatile and highly durable shooting targets that last a very long time. They provide great value for money with their cutting-edge technology allowing you to practice your shooting skills rain or shine.

Why Choose Easyshot Targets?

There are plenty of economical paper targets and low cost splatter targets on the market. However, none compares with Easyshot Targets when it comes to resilient construction that lasts season after season. Their patented armour tough self-sealing polymer withstands all types of ammo while providing easy visibility for scoring.

Whether you need targets for developing skills like shooting groups or want scenic animal or zombie targets for fun practice, Easyshot has a solution. Their catalogue provides endless variety, so both new and experienced shooters can benefit. With creative designs made in the USA and incredible durability, Easyshot Targets are quite simply the best quality shooting targets money can buy.

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If you’re looking for supremely durable and innovative shooting targets, Easyshot is my top recommendation. Made using patented Armor Tuff technology and advanced polymers, their targets outlast all other options. With targets available for rifle, pistol, airgun, and archery for any shooting sport, Easyshot has you covered. Their quality construction resists all types of ammo in any weather conditions making them ideal for long-term practice and training. For high quality shooting targets made to last, choose Easyshot Targets.

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