Hunting has always been changing day by day, thanks to the influx of technology. Meanwhile, for some old school folks, it is hard to accept new high-tech equipment and gadgets. But it is undeniable that no-stopping technology plays an important role for modern day hunters to enjoy. Apart from necessary hunting items like camo clothes or firearms, technology will make your trip easier. So today we are going all in on some of the most essential hunting technologies that will make you a pro hunter.

GPS Mapping


GPS mapping is one of the most effective technologies which cover everything from public lands to USGS topo maps. In the old days, GPS just could tell you where you have been via waypoints and tracks. But now with the support of some software, all information like where you have been, where you want to go, and how to get there are available on GPS.

The Trimble Outdoor Maps series, for example, can show you the terrain in different colors by simply inserting micro SD cards into your GPS. Public lands, federal lands, state lands, timber, etc. are shown in all different colors. Roads, trails, rivers and important features are also overlaid on the map. It looks like a TV, and if you understand the Topo maps, you can easily identify what you have in front of you and find the shortest way.

On top of that, some GPS apps seem to be an online plat book by providing databases with landowner’s contact info. With clear property lines and the names as well, you will not waste too much time to get permission from landowners.

Just with the help of GPS, picking a place to hunt comes to be easier than ever before. Of course, you still have to put your feet on the ground to identify exactly the terrain. Choosing a perfect hunting place can make your hunting trip invaluable.

Trail Cameras

Apart from GPS Mapping, trail cameras are also beneficial to study an area and track the habit of the animals, especially big game like deer. So you can predict their movements, sweet results will come to you quickly.

All cameras are designed in small sizes, light weight. Thus, you can put it on any hunting ground to learn how often animals come into that area, as well as the duration of their stay. From that, you can decide if the area is the best location for hunting or not.

This type of camera also offers some amazing features.Trail cameras can take video or a photo every few seconds around the clock. After that, some text or email will be sent to you as soon as snapping the image of deer. Thanks to trail cameras, determining when the deer are moving and monitoring deer movements on any piece of property can be too easy and quick. It will get photos of the majority of bucks at the specific area within 2-3 days. So you will get to know the animal’s habits. For instance, you take video on different days, you can find the location where the animals graze during the similar times each day. This feature allows you to pick the time for your hunting trip.

Besides, by using a trail camera, you understand the animals before hunting it, including the right area they live, their habits, the size of animals, or their genders. Trail cameras will be the best tool to catch animal’s movements in their natural habitats without disturbing them.



One of essential hunting technologies should be mentioned is drones. Drones are originally created for military applications. But have you ever thought about using drones in hunting? Smaller. More affordable. Just sticking a point-of-view camera on the drone, you can monitor all activities of the animals.

Currently, drones for hunting may be more talk than practice, but you can’t skip all benefits that using drones brings to. It is easy to be seen that it can save more time and effort to follow the animal’s movements. Let me give you a clear example. To access a tough terrain is a difficult task. But with a drone, it provides you an eye on the sky without hiking or driving around this area. It is easy to locate deer or any types of big game. Sitting in one stationary location but still getting a new perspective when observing by drones while your binoculars can’t.

Drones truly open up a new world of possibilities for hunters!

Intelligent optics

Optics play an important role in hunting. With the developing technology, optics have huge leaps for shotgun sights, rifle scopes, binoculars, and rangefinders. State-of-the-art optics can tell you how far a target is, even the moving target may be up to 1,200 yards away.

Tactical Optics and Rifle Scopes

Through the magnifying power of tactical optics and scopes, you can be a marksman with the sight of a hawk. They allow you to get greater accuracy and a wider field of view when observing the prey. Anti-fog lenses and many brightness levels can help you get the best optic to fit the situation at hand. Range from affordable to luxury, hunters have many options to get the perfect one.

Night Vision Goggles, Rangefinders, Lights and Lasers

These types of optics can keep your eye on your prey during even the darkest of nights. They offer a hands-free mount and powerful lighting, so spotting animals, even hidden ones will be clear. Optics for rangefinders can help you know exactly how far away your target is, while lights and laser will give you a visual path between firearms and targets. On top of that, focus aiming may be up to several yards and the batteries can last from hours to years.

Mobile applications and smart devices

Hunting-related tech trends are developing day by day, especially mobile apps and smart devices. New hunting apps are released every month to help hunters to enrich their hunting experience. Here are some apps that hunters should use today.

HUNT App – onXmaps

This app provides a fully functioning GPS for your phone to manage all private and public land ownership, hunting locations, weather and much more. It allows you to know parcel data in a majority of countries, even somewhere you never knew existed. Once you find the perfect area to hunt, this app automatically maps your tracks and waypoints. Especially, the ability to cache maps ensures you will not get access to private property, even when having no signal.

PointHunter – GotMyTag LLC

This PointHunter allows you to track your preference points in many states. Using the app is easier than ever by pushing one single on a button. It will provide all application deadlines and reminders of those dates. Make sure you don’t miss any application deadlines.

Gobble Map – Powderhook

Gooble Map is designed exclusively for turkey hunting. With Google Map, you can see reports of turkey activities in your area, view all trends on a heat map. Of course with privacy in mind, your location is never revealed.

ScoutLook Hunting & Weather – HuntLogix, LLC

This is a map-based app which features weather forecasts and location management to ensure the correct stand. You can save unlimited hunting locations like treestands, blinds, etc., or locations for future plans.

Final thought

For the modern age, technology plays a significantly important role in the efficiency of various activities, not except for hunting. Whether it’s a hunting app or high-tech products like drones and trail cameras, it’s truth be told that these essential hunting technologies are starting work their way into this sport.

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