Experienced hunters often have at least one concealed carry with them in every hunting game. Of course, only if the concealed carry is legal and they all know how to control their guns properly.

This makes sense because a hunting game is full of dangers. Having a concealed gun at hand might save you when in a life-or-death situation.

Fortunately, thanks to industrial advances, there are more and more products that help you conceal the guns secretly and safely when needed.

Do I Need A Concealed Carry Permit?

That the concealed carry is truly “concealed”, some hunters just do not care about the gun laws or regulations, thinking “Who knows I bring a gun with me?

However, you might end up with trouble or threats when this act is illegal. Even if you fired for defensive purposes, carrying a concealed gun is still not allowed in some parts although a good deal of states in the U.S – for example, actually don’t require a permit.

Thus, carefully check the gun laws in your state. Also keep in mind that even when you are granted the concealed carry permit (CCW), specific regulations, in general, and those for hunting, in particular, might differ. Helpfully, you can check the CCW reciprocity map per state here.

Sometimes, you are required to submit a concealed carry permit application. At that time, please strictly follow the requirements.

FAQs about Ways to Concealed Carry

Here come several common questions when it comes to hunting concealed carry permission and tips referred to Illinois.gov.

Can I conceal carry while hunting?

Yes, as long as it is allowed in the gun laws/hunting laws of your states and where you go hunting.

When you are allowed to take the concealed carry with you, please also make sure that you must also choose the right gun, best caliber, accessories, and more importantly, always stay alert for the unexpected.

Can bowhunters use concealed carry?

Again, it depends on the hunting laws in your area.

However, quite a number of states do not allow archers to use concealed carry stuff, which really puts the hunters at risk, especially when it comes to large predators and even crazed criminals.

Do I need to take a concealed carry course?

Not required, but recommended.

Thanks, Family Firearms Training, for useful video.

States often have detailed documents so that you can follow to take the CCW permit. However, you can take a concealed carry class offered through the National Rifle Association to guarantee that you will get accurate information about relevant laws, gun handling, shooting techniques when taking the gun out of the concealed carry.

What are the best concealed weapons?

The concealed carry is created for handguns which are revolvers and pistols or firearms that are twelve inches less and with no detachable breech. However, you can also carry a short knife or so in the concealed carry.

Can you conceal a loaded gun?

Some states and countries allow you to carry a loaded gun in concealed carry. Some do not.

Despite the fact that you can immediately shoot in emergent cases – say being mauled by wildlifes, we still do not recommend you do so. Loaded guns might fire off all of sudden and cause tragic or irreversible damages to you and maybe other innocent lives.

9 Tips for Concealed Carry Before You Hunt

#1. Understand the hunting laws and gun laws

Again, always start thinking about concealed carry only after you check the state laws carefully and ensure that you are granted a concealed carry on the wood or to specific hunting fields.

#2. Get trained about ways to conceal carry

Although you can learn the laws and regulations yourself, you had better take professional courses – it is for others’ and your sakes. All in all, guns are a dangerously powerful weapon. Thus, only carry it when you ensure that you can take full control of it – the right way, we might add.

In the end, apply for a permit if it is required.

#3. Know your handgun that you desire to conceal

Any concealed carry method chosen must be suitable with your personal weapon – its dimension, the shooting system, calibers, accessories, etc. Only in that way can you easily access the guns when you need it.

Take the dimension of handguns, for example.

It is common that you need to trade off: small carry can be concealed better, yet it also means you need to reduce the size of guns as much as possible.

#4. Choose similar concealed carry clothes

When you go hunting, it is likely that you are already packed with a bunch of things. Thus, you do not need to get another layer of clothes for the concealed carry.

Fortunately, there are now many hunting clothes that have additional features as a concealed carry, for example:

  • Concealed carry vests,
  • Concealed carry pants,
  • Cross-draw holsters, etc.

Whatever you choose, make sure that the concealed carry clothes must be lightweight, easy-to-access while hunting, and no printing or exposing that gives away your weapons.

#5. Check the load system, calibers, and all parts of the weapon

Before you put the weapon aside into the concealed carry, always ensure that you have checked all the parts of the gun.

Moreover, buy some spare calibers in the carry as well.

#6. Practices with concealed carry tips and clothes

As the gun is in good condition to defend you when you need it, the next step is to practice or get trained to use the concealed carry properly.

Try putting on the hunting gear and the carry, then, imagine that you are encountering a larger bear and take out the gun from the concealed carry.

The more you practice it, the more confident and successful you are when you happen to use the concealed gun in real situations.

#7. Do not touch the carry too much

We know you might be worried about sudden accidents on the wood. However, you do not need to check the carry all the time.

Instead, pull yourself together for your hunting games and targets.

Especially when you bump into other hunters or those with weapons, having your hand and eyes on the concealed carry too frequently will give you away and even cause those people to act out of control!

#8. Nobody should know you have a concealed gun

… Until you take the weapon out completely to shoot.

The concealed gun is for unexpected situations in which your sudden action will also be the key to succeed and to save your life.

#9. Be calm and quick – The last in tips for concealed carry

In the very final after the concealed carry is ready for your use, you can start your hunting game with more confidence, knowing that you have backup guns when you need them.

In practice, when it is required to use those concealed guns, please do not hesitate. Take out the gun quickly and be calm to target the wildlife and knock it down.

Wrapping Up

Above are some helpful tips for concealed carry. Please save it all and refer to our sharing when you are on the way for the best concealed carry guns.

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