Hunting boots are an important gear when you plan to hunt anything because hunting fields are often rough and even dangerous. Especially, when you hunt in winter, the boots are also to keep your feet cozy. More excitingly, the warmest hunting boots are often designed to be used as casual items.

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Best Warm Hunting Boots Reviews: A List of 5

LaCrosse Men’s 4xAlpha 16″ – Warmest Rubber Hunting Boots

The very first warm waterproof hunting boots to introduce are the LaCrosse Men’s 4xAlpha. Built with completely natural rubber in all parts, plus with the insulating neoprene uppers, the boots are guaranteed to be durable, water-resistant and extremely warm in the hunting areas below -20 degrees.

Interestingly enough, the boots come in a snake-booth style, presenting by the layered “Quad Core” cushioning around the shoes’ sides. This will not only protect you from dangerous snake fangs, but it also offers extra comfort for your lower legs.

In addition, the ankles of LaCrosse Men’s 4xAlpha are contoured so that your heels are kept in place and you can move around firmly and more quietly.

We also like how the boot of shoes is designed with a four-wheel drive and vulcanized outsole. On the one hand, the boots will tread over the toughest terrain. Whereas, it will also not carry sticky muds and rock hard in the winter.

The only to complain about is the size. While the boots are adjustable to fit around the ankle, shin, and the back leg, it runs smaller than my expectation, so choose carefully if you have extra wide feet. Otherwise, you will find it snuggy fit around your feet and cause blisters.


  • Completely waterproof and insulating
  • Look sturdy and reliable to walk on
  • Snake style that improves your safety and comfort
  • Contoured ankles to embrace your feet and legs


  • Expensive when it comes to rubber hunting boots
  • Smaller sizes than normal

LaCrosse Burly Air Grip Hunting Boot – Best Budget Rubber Hunting Boots

If you fall for LaCrosse rubber boots but find the above option too expensive, then, you can go for LaCrosse Burly Air Grip Hunting Boot instead.

At a glance, the boots are so classic without many adds-on like their brothers. The fact is, the style is kept to minimum to reduce the total price. Meanwhile, the advantages of LaCrosse hunting boots remain unchanged.

For example, these Burly Air Grip boots are also waterproof and insulating. Specifically, you will always feel the comfortable insulating foam extending from the bottom to the ankle, plus with the additional wool-felt midsole. Together, the shoes give off the warmest experience under your feet.

What’s more, the Burly boots feature an air grip outsole in the bottom, so you can expect the boots to grip well – even when you step on muck, mud, or snow terrains.

And like the LaCrosse Men’s 4xAlpha, these Burly boots fit well in the ankles while they grip the foot’s top and keep the heel in place.

In drawbacks, the boots are not breathable because they trap much heat. Not to mention, the boots are heavy and out of style.


  • More affordable price
  • Larger for big feet
  • Waterproof and insulating
  • Good traction thanks to the air grip


  • Not breathable
  • Heavy
  • Out of style

Muck Boot Men’s Arctic Pro Snow Boot – Top-rated Winter Hunting Boots

Besides LaCrosse, Muck Boot is also a well-known manufacturer of hunting gears that offers quality products at a decent price.

Take the Muck Boot Men’s Arctic Pro Snow Boot, for example. It is the most preferred hunting boots by consumers – for good reasons.

Firstly, the boots are improved in breathability while your feet are still kept in warm and fuzzy situations. This is thanks to a thin coat of neoprene and fleece liner along the body, plus the extra thermal foam in the foot area. As a result, cold and water are kept outside the boots meanwhile this material allows a small amount of air to flow through to keep your feet warm.

Secondly, these Arctic Pro Snow boots are tall enough to prevent awkward effects in the ankle area or spots in the legs. Tightly fit on the boots and you will see. The material will automatically bend with the ankle to guarantee your most comfort.

Thirdly, the camouflage design is good at hiding yourself from targets and it also enhances the style of the boots.

Almost all are good, except for the fact that the grip of the boots can be deeper to improve the overall performance.


  • Medium-priced
  • Improved breathability and warmth aside
  • Durable and quality neoprene fabrics
  • Tall enough to get around the legs
  • Fashionable camouflage design


  • Swallowed grip straince
  • Medium to high priced

Irish Setter 860 Elk Tracker Waterproof – Warmest Mens Hunting Boots

So far, Irish Setter 860 Elk Tracker is the best warm hunting boot that we have experienced which possesses all features that a hunter might ever desire: 100% waterproof, lightweight, quiet, durable, and fashionable as well.

Accordingly, the boots are made from a sophisticated blend of external leather upper, completely water-repellent GORE-TEX lining, and the internal memory foam. As a result, you can start your hunt knowing that your feet will stay comfortable, dry, and breathable all the time.

Even better, the Irish Setter 860 Elk Tracker is good at providing the optimal insulation to your feet thanks to 1000 grams of 3M Thinsulate.

We also appreciate it that the boots have excellent traction and quietness. This is because of the carbon rubber and Air Bob Aggressive outsole.

Last but not least, the style is so beautiful that you can even wear the boots on daily winter activities.

The only thing that might pend you from purchasing is the price and that leather boots take time and effort to maintain properly.


  • Versatile as hunting and casual boots
  • Warm, dry, and breathable materials
  • Quiet and reliable traction
  • Lightweight and durable over time


  • Expensive
  • Hard-to-maintain leather fabrics

Muck Boot Women’s Arctic Weekend Mid Snow Boot – Warmest Hunting Boots for Women

Who says women cannot hunt? We know many female hunters who are excellent and impressive. Nonetheless, when it comes to choosing hunting gear, they often have limited options than those for men.

Fortunately, we found the Muck Boot Arctic Weekend specially designed for women with smaller sizes and weather-protection features, such as the fleece lining or achilles reinforcement, to keep feet warm and dry.

The neoprene bootie will contour to the feet and the EVA midsole is in place to offer extra cushioning for long treks. As a result, the boots are super comfortable.

Furthermore, the black basic rubber design looks really cute with skinny jeans. Thus, we will recommend the boots as casual winter boots rather than merely warm hunting boots for women.


  • Budget-friendly
  • Small sizes for women
  • Waterproof, warm, and comfortable
  • Good look with casual clothes


  • Not great traction on icy areas
  • Possibly size down

How to Choose The Warmest Hunting Boots?


While there are many boots that are advertised to be the warmest winter hunting boots ever, there are only some that are truly good as we mentioned above.

And in case you are still wondering what to choose, feel free to refer to the following buying guide to choose the best winter hunting boots.

Types of hunting boots

Where do you plan to hunt?

This very first question will decide the types of hunting boots you should opt-in.

For example, you hunt on the flat and easy terrain in which you walk a lot, then the field upland boots are ideal because they give a balance of durability and breathability. Meanwhile, if you hunt on mountainous areas, you will need ones with hard traction soles to support your climbing steps.

On the other hand, rubber boots are a better option where the hunting terrain is full of creeks, muddy paths, marshlands, and so. Even more, the rubber material is scent-free, so you can rest assured that animals will recognise your location. Those boots are also completely waterproof and warm in winter. However, they trap sweats and temperatures within, which can cause discomfort for your feet.

Besides the two common boot types as above, you can also choose the snake boots that have extended collar to protect your legs from snake bites and low sharp bushes.

Insulation ratings

The next thing is the insulation – the key factor affecting the warmth. A rule of thumb: Cold weather requires high insulation and high amount of activities requires less insulation.

However, the temperature is not only about outside weather, but from your own body. Some people have cold feet while others have hot one. Thus, knowing your tendency is critical to make a choice.

The warmest hunting boots should have insulation of 900 grams and up so that they can trap as much heat as possible. Even better, some boots from Timberland, Sorel, and Irish Setter now come with Thínulate or Aerogel technologies that provide both warm and lightweightness. Whereas, the LL Bean and armies use another advance called PrimaLoft.

Waterproof and ventilation materials

If you go for rubber boots, obviously, the material is rubber. Yet, not all rubber fabrics are the same. In specific, you should choose the vulcanized rubber. It is warm and waterproof.

In case you choose a pair of field boots, you have more options. However, to keep your feet warm and cozy, we suggest buying the synthetic Gore-tex fiber boots or suede boots. They are both warm and well-insulated.

Some might wonder whether to use the common full-grain leather or mesh boots. Then, the full-grain leather is truly durable against cactus-filled and rocky terrain. However, it is not warm enough for winter hunting. In addition, it is required to treat the leather in advance to get it waterproofed. Similarly, the mesh is preferred for its quick dryness, lightweightness, and breathability. In contrast, we do not consider it the warmest hunting material.

Besides the materials themselves, the boots had better have the membrane sewn into the lining between the outer shell and your feet. This feature will allow the moisture to circulate through to keep the space inside the shoes dry and comfortable. On the other hand, the waterproofing also helps protect your boots and makes them last longer.

Terrain and quiet traction

It is often overlooked, but a quiet traction is very important. Winter hunting boots should have a reliable grip against slick terrain. Or, if you want to move fast, you will require a smooth sole while it still possibly absorbs shock and reduces noise.

Designs and styles of boots


Do not mistake the styles for the types of winter hunting boots.

For your information, hunting boots come in different styles to meet the variety in hunters’ demands and purposes. Yet, to give a shortcut to the warmest hunting gear, we recommend:

  • Choosing high boots rather than short boots if you want great insulation in cold weather.
  • Going for Achilles flex to add extra comfort when you walk through rough slopes of hunting areas.
  • Selecting those with soft and high collar so that you will not have to suffer from painful blisters in the upper back.


Finally, make sure that the boots comfortably fit on around your feet.

Normally, even the warmest hunting boots require you to have a pair of wool or liner socks to increase the warmth and comfort. Thus, you must count the socks in when you choose the size of boots. It is ideal to have boots snug around the heel and ankle while they offer an ample toe room.

If your feet are wide, you should loosen the laces a bit to reduce the pain at the forefoot balls. In contrast, tighten the laces if your feet are narrow.

It is also worth mentioning that the warmest womens hunting boots might be different from the warmest mens hunting boots since most female hunters have smaller feet and higher arch. For this reason, read the size chart carefully and you should choose boots that are specially designed for mens/womens.


1. What are the warmest hunting boots so far?

It is Irish Setter 860 Elk Tracker.

As we mentioned above, these field boots have an excellent insulation rating, waterproof and ventilation construction, along with great traction on every hunting area.

Not to mention, they look fashionable.

2. What is the best way to keep feet warm while hunting?

Boot warmers for hunting are a must-have when you hunt in cold weather, however, they are far from enough to keep your feet fuzzy. Specifically, you should save some additional cheap and effective ways as follow:

  • Eating healthy foods before the hunt to avoid sweets and blood sugar spikes.
  • Also, drinking enough water to help your body hydrate in the cold better, from head to toes.
  • Preparing extra wool socks and boots in case of changes.
  • Minimizing perspiration by rubbing deodorant on feet the previous night before the hunt and changing socks and boots when your feet are over moisturized.
  • Applying powder to your boots and on socks to have it absorb vapor and sweats effectively or inserting cotton balls inside to increase the insulation.
  • Putting on at least two or three layers of socks from the thin ones to thin-merino wool socks, and finally, very thick socks.
  • Interestingly enough, covering your head with a warm scarf or hat, then you will have warmth on your feet.

3. Can winter hunting boots be both waterproof and breathable?


Back then, rubber boots were commonly used as winter hunting boots. However, they trapped heat inside.

Now, thanks to the technological advances, hunting boots can be both warm, dry, and breathable with Gore-Tex addition. You can refer to some boots as above for more information.

Final Thoughts

Above are some warmest hunting boots that will hardly disappoint you. Choose at least a pair to bring with you in the very next hunting games. Do not forget to apply our buying guide in mind so that you can make use of every penny!

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