Technological advances make our life – in general, and hunting activities, in particulars, much easier and safer. Accordingly, more and more hunting gears are introduced such as hunting boots, concealed pants, jackets, etc. And today, we will introduce one of the most effective hunting gear inventions in the last decade – the heated socks for hunting.

As its name reveals, the heated socks will become hot themselves thanks to the electronic power or batteries so that your feet will stay warm and comfortable at a constant temperature. Then, you do not need to trap your feet in layers of woolen socks as before.

Can the heated socks be good that much?

Scroll down and you will see.

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5+ Best Heated Socks for Hunting Reviews

Best Budget Warm Hunting Socks: XBUTY Heated Socks

Best Budget Warm Hunting Socks: XBUTY Heated Socks

If this is the very first time you try wearing heated socks for hunting, then you might go for an easy-to-use and budget-friendly pair like XBUTY Heated Socks. Obviously, no need to break a bank for socks without knowing whether you like the heating experience under your feet or not.

Then, for your information, this pair of hunting socks are made of cotton blended with the premium polyester fabric. This combination offers soft and durable socks over time. The sizes range from US 4 to 12, so you freely pick one to comfortably fit your feet.

About the heating characteristics, the socks feature three layers including a warm layer, an insulation layer, and a heating layer at the front sole. Then, it is up to you to adjust the temperature among three levels: high heat at 155 to 160℉, medium-heat at 40-150℉, and low heat at 115-120℉.

At the lowest settings, the socks can warm your feet up to 16 hours thanks to its 4800mAh Li-ion battery. On a flat battery, you can even recharge the battery for 2.5 to 6 hours and the socks are back ready to use. Together with its budget-friendly price, the socks can even save you more on buying extra Li-ion batteries.

In drawbacks, heating elements are 1-inch from the socks’ tip rather than extend under toes, which might cause a bit of discomfort. Not to mention, the blended cotton is not moisture-wicking as advertised. Thus, when you take off the socks at the end of the hunting games, they smell horrible!


  • Affordable for starters
  • Coming in various sizes
  • 3 flexible heat settings available
  • Long-lasting rechargeable battery


  • Non-stretchable heating elements
  • Bad smell after an extended use
  • Hard to reach the buttons on the go

Best Rechargeable Battery Hunting Socks: Sun Will Store Heating Socks

Best Rechargeable Battery Hunting Socks: Sun Will Store Heating Socks

If you have tried and fallen for XBUTY Heated Socks, then you might also love Sun Will Store Heating Socks. Similar to the XBUTY, the Sun Will socks also run on rechargeable lithium-ion batteries and support 3 levels of heating.

Nonetheless, the Sun Will Store Heating Socks are somewhat more advanced.

For example, the cotton material is not only blended with the durable polyester but also the elastic coolmax and lycra liners. For that reason, the socks are more breathable and less odorful.

Furthermore, the heating elements are extended to the front and instep places to distribute the warmth more evenly. At such an effectiveness, the battery seems to run out more quickly, yet still enough for a-day huntings before you need to recharge it.


  • Still medium-priced
  • More even heat distribution under your feet
  • Blended cotton to improve the breathability
  • Rich in sizes for almost all hunters


  • Shorter battery life
  • Still manual heat adjustment

Best Warmest Hunting Socks: MMlove Thermal Insulated Rechargeable Batteries Socks

Best Warmest Hunting Socks: MMlove Thermal Insulated Rechargeable Batteries Socks

At that time, MMlove Thermal Insulated Rechargeable Batteries Socks is a good alternative. Accordingly, the socks are made of premium cotton and high-quality spandex rather than polyester. This material is supposed to be breathable, absorbent, elastic, and quick-drying. Especially, its insulation is great to heat up the cold feet in a matter of minutes.

Interestingly enough, the price of MMlove Thermal Insulated Rechargeable Batteries Socks is very cheap.

What we do not like, however, is the short collar and limited sizes available.


  • Surprisingly low-costed
  • Breathable and insulation at the same time
  • Heat adjustments allowed with long battery power
  • Easy to wear and use during your hunting


  • Short design in the collar
  • Limited size ranges

Best Lithium Battery Operated Hunting Socks: Hotronic XLP One PFI 50

Best Lithium Battery Operated Hunting Socks: Hotronic XLP One PFI 50

Some heated socks for hunting above are affordable choices. In case you do not care much about the price, but the advanced features to help you hunt more comfortably.

Then, we introduce you to the Hotronic XLP One PFI 50.

In terms of power, these socks are also run on Li-ion batteries like others to turn on three base heat levels and an additional maintenance setting to get a blast of heat immediately.

Furthermore, the fabrics used are nylon (70%), spandex (20%), and merino wool (10%.) They are all premium with an ultra-comfortable and fantastic wicking-ability. Hunting all day long with the socks on means you will feel the softness and warmth at all times.

You will be even happier, knowing that the socks are allowed to machine wash without damaging the batteries and heating elements.


  • Ultra-soft and comfortable under feet
  • 4 heating levels to choose from
  • 2 Li-ion batteries and charger coming in the box


  • More expensive than expected
  • Small on the calf

Best Bluetooth Heated Socks: Lenz Lithium Battery Heated Socks

Best Bluetooth Heated Socks: Lenz Lithium Battery Heated Socks

The Lenz Lithium Battery Heated socks come the last in the heated socks for hunting review. However, they are definitely not the least well-worth mentioning.

Speaking of the fabrics first, the material is the combination of polyester, merino wool, polypropylene, and elastane to wick off the moisture without leaving odor or fungal. In other words, your feet will stay dry and warm.

The most exciting thing about these socks is the Bluetooth compatibility. You can get Bluetooth connected from your mobile phone app to adjust the heat settings hassle-free. You will not need to stop, lifting the pants and bending over to reach the controlling button.

The batteries are also very reliable since you can keep it working for around 14 hours and more. Just so you know, the socks do not have rechargeable batteries, so be ready to spend extra on the batteries replacement.


  • Comfortable and dry socks for hunting
  • Easy to setup with Bluetooth connection
  • Wide open at the legs to improve the comfort
  • Built to last construction


  • Too expensive
  • Extra money on batteries replacement

How Do Heated Socks Work?

How Do Heated Socks Work?

At a glance, the heated warming socks look like normal socks, meaning they are made of thick wool or pure cotton.

The difference is that the socks can produce an internal temperature thanks to the currents running through the wire around your foot bottom. The power might be from a D-cell battery, rechargeable battery, or an plugged-in AC adapter.

Benefits of The Heated Socks for Hunting

Benefits of The Heated Socks for Hunting

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Back then, it was recommended to wear at least three layers of socks under the boots to warm your feet while hunting. However, you always found your feet to sweat and dis-comfortably snug fit!

Then, having hunting socks with batteries means you can say goodbye to multiple clothes, meanwhile you still feel warm and fuzzy under your feet – even on the most freezing days.

More importantly, the heated hunting socks improve the blood circulation. Thus, you can walk longer and with less fatigues.

How to Choose Best Socks to Keep Your Feet Warm?

How to Choose Best Socks to Keep Your Feet Warm?

Power types

As we mentioned earlier, the heated socks can run on an electric AC adapter or batteries. However, you are looking for the best heated socks for hunting, you definitely want some that are usable on the go. Then, we will only discuss the battery operated socks.

  • Single-cell battery socks: There are battery packs inside the pockets or sewn on the sock cuffs with straps where you can put the traditional AA or AAA batteries. Then, the socks are ready to use. Those socks are cheap, but do not last for long between charges.
  • Rechargeable battery socks: Or, you can use rechargeable batteries so that you will not have to carry the batteries all around. However, make sure there is an electric power in your hunting field.
  • Lithium-iron battery socks: You can expect the battery to be as durable as 8 to 10 hours – enough for a whole-day hunting game. Those batteries are also more compact and comfortable inside the socks. Yet, obviously, they are much more expensive.


Battery heated socks are also made of wool and synthetic fabrics, but with a higher quality than those of the regular socks so that they can handle high heat and carry batteries and heating elements within. The materials are also important to maintain comfort around your feet.

Some common fabrics include:

  • Merino wool: The wool socks are the most expensive, but well-worth due to its soft and luxurious characteristics. They are also thermostatic and moisture-absorptive. However, the socks take quite a long time to dry.
  • Cotton: Some affordable heated socks for hunting are blended between the cotton fibers and synthetic materials. So, they are more elastic, hypoallergenic, and warmly comfortable. In drawbacks, cotton collects sweats and moisture during the activities, which causes smell and fungal infections.
  • Synthetic fibers: Not only are these fabrics known for its durable, lightweight, and soft properties, but they also repel moisture excellently. As a result, your feet are more breathable.
  • Silk: It is not common that battery operated heated socks are made of silk because they are often expensive. Except for being lightweight and improved in insulation, the silk materials are easy to tear.

Thickness is also important. We recommend not using thin socks for hunting and strenuous activities so that your feet are well-protected from rough terrain and the warmth also does not escape.

Temperature control

Good as they are, heated socks might cause burns in case of extended use. Thus, make sure that you can take full control over the temperature during your hunting – for your own sake.

Fortunately, most affordable heated socks allow adjusting the heat with a single tap on the battery pack button down to your knees. However, it might be inconvenient when you are wearing thick pants or gloves.

Now, some medium-priced battery operated warming socks offer a more hassle-free controlling method in which you use a remote control to turn on/off the socks and adjust the heat.

Even better, cutting-edge hunting heated socks come with Bluetooth and mobile app technologies, meaning you have all settings up right on your phone. Such a revolution! However they are expensive.


Are heated socks and sock warmers the same?

Although both are socks that warm your feet, the heated socks and sock warmers/holders work differently. Then, the warmers are recommended for light activities rather than the heavy-duty heated socks.

Are heated socks for hunting safe?

Electric socks are not very safe, we might confirm.

Thankfully, most heated socks for hunting run on batteries so that you are protected from electric shocks. Not to mention, the best socks as above are crafted with thick and quality fabrics with layers. Thus, you will hardly contact the heating elements directly and get burned.

How to clean the heated socks?

Truly, it takes more time and effort to clean the heated socks than regular socks so that the heating elements and batteries are not damaged, meaning you can wear the socks from season to season.

Most of the time, it is required to remove the battery packs and attached wires, then hand wash the socks and hang them dry. Sometimes, you can put the socks into the wash bag for machine washing at a gentle speed and cycle.

Anyway, carefully follow the washing instructions of the manufacturer.

Where can I buy heated socks?

Simply, you can go to the nearby stores of hunting gear or shop online on Amazon, Walmart, and so.

Just make sure to check the product specifications and refer to the sellers carefully in advance so that you will not end up with a scam. Or to cut short, pick up one of the best socks to keep your feet warm we introduced above. All are hand-picked based on your practical experiences and testing.

To Sum Up

What do you think about the 5+ heated socks for hunting above? If you are interested in some products, do not hesitate any longer. Make a purchasing decision and your robots will thank you.

If you have any questions for the hunting heated socks, please give a comment down below and we’ll be back for some consultation.

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