In reality, an airgun will be the determining factor on hunting achievement. A poorly working gun will make you a headache during your hunting trip. You should invest more in your air rifle. However, if you are a hunting enthusiast but do not have a big budget to spend on a new air rifle, do not worry at all. Within only 200$, you can reach many options that bring you power, accuracy and durability. Let’s walk through this article and pick the best air rifle under 200 for you.

As you know, there are five main types of air rifle, including springer, CO2, PCP, multi-pump and gas piston. In which PCP is the expensive one, so it is too hard to pick a good PCP air rifle within $200, but springer and CO2, you can. Of course, these usually offer plastic stocks and discharge .177 caliber pellets. But remember that low price does not mean low quality. With a springer or a CO2, you can easily reach the target in your medium hunting game.

Here are the list of best air rifles under 200 as we have tried.

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Best air rifle under 200USD

Hatsan 95 Walnut Air Rifle

If you want to own a spring-piston powered airgun, Hatsan 95 walnut air rifle will be a good choice for you. A spring gun is cheap, simple to use but still accurate. It will make quick work of any bird, rat, squirrel, rabbit, possum you put in your sights.

Best air rifle 200 hatsan


The first thing you’ll notice is its sturdy appearance. The Turkish-walnut stock with a padded butt looks elegant and is highly durable. Also, checkering on both sides of the grip and forearm keeps your hands from slipping away. The stock’s design is great for both the right and left-handed out there. Another outstanding thing is the golden-colored metal trigger. But at 8.4 lbs just for the rifle, some users have found it to be a heavy gun, so it is not suitable for long distance walking.


The Hatsan Model 95 offers 3 types of calibers: .177, .22, and .25, using .177 pelts, .22 rounds, and .25 pellets accordingly. This gun gives plenty of power for hunting any typical air rifle game humanely and accurately at distances up to the 50-yard mark. It is considered one of the best in the category.

Built with the moderator, but it is still noted that this is quite loud, so shooting this indoors you might have to wear ear protection depending on the layout of the room and your own tolerances for noise. But it is still considered as one of the best air rifles under 200.

Beeman QB Chief PCP Air Rifle

This air gun is manufactured by Beeman – a Germany base and works on pre-charged pneumatic mechanism. In detail, projectiles will be driven outwards by high pressure (~2000 psi) of compressed air in the barrel.

Best air rifle 200 beeman


Beeman QB Chief comes with a stunning design thanks to hardwood stock. The wood looks high end given its price point. Besides, the metal part also has a great surface finish with remarkable bluing. A lot of rough handling will leave no impact on it. Though this Beeman QB Chief is a pre-production gun, there is no visible machine mark on it about which you should be worried particularly. With a little higher position of the stock comb, Beeman QB Chief seems to be more attractive than the modern black synthetic stocks.

Thông số kỹ thuật

Instead of multi-shoots guns, the Beeman QB Chief offers single-shot capacity. Therefore, you have to make you better to control each shot, because it will take time to reload and you may skip your prey. Truth be told, it is considered an entry-level PCP that is budget-friendly.

Walther Talon Magnum Air Rifle

Another recommended best air rifle is Walther Talon Magnum air rifle. Walther has become well known for its development of innovative air rifles. If you are looking for a gun in your small game, grab this Walther Talon and be pleased with its performance and price.

Best air rifle 200 walther


With the overall length of 49.0″, the barrel length is 19.75″, this gun seems to be quite long. Like Hatsan 95 , this Walther Talon Magnum is heavy at 8.25 lbs. The Walther Talon Magnum Air Rifle is a break barrel air rifle with a cocking weight of about 45 lbs.


This air rifle uses a spring as the power source, so it does not require any gas or refills, as well as not get affected by weather. However, this Walther makes some noise and recoil. If you can handle the recoil and shoot accurately, your skills must be great and you are ready for a full-bore rifle.

Apart from this, the robust spring piston break barrel mechanism inside helps the gun reach a maximum velocity of 1400 fps on .177 caliber pellets. Another best air rifle under 200, right?

Gamo Shadow Whisper Break Barrel Air Rifle

Last but not least, we want to introduce one of the best air rifles under 200 is Gamo Shadow Whisper Break Barrel Air Rifle, manufactured by a Spanish company with over 60 years market experience.


This has a tough all-weather molded synthetic stock in matte black finish and polymer jacketed steel barrel. There’s a ventilated rubber pad at the butt plate for recoil absorption. It is a break barrel air rifle that can shoot 1 shot per load.

The gun is the most compact gun in this list with only 7.25 pounds and 43.3 inches long. The barrel is 18 inches long. You may feel easy movement during your hunting trip.


The rifle features a gas piston power source and uses .177 caliber pellets. It can discharge PBA Platinum pellets at 1250 fps. This gun is suitable for hunting small animals like birds. With a good price – only $99.99, it should be a great gun to eliminate problems in your backyard. All make it become one of the best air rifles under 200USD.

Too much information? We will make a summary for you.

Hope that this post is useful for you, and you can decide which is the best air rifle under 200 USD for you. For more options, you can discover some best air rifle under 100, also under your budget. If you have any recommendation, please share with us in the comment below.

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