What is involved in Big Game Hunting?

Big Game Hunting is the act or practice of chasing large mammals, often with the additional intention of gaining a trophy, meat, and/or for the purpose of population control. “Big game” is a term that is derived from North American hunting and it refers to species such as bear, moose, elk, bighorn sheep, mountain goats, deer and in some cases the boar, puma, and capybara. In Africa, the “Big Five” game animals are generally considered the most prestigious species to hunt. The members of the Big Five were chosen for the difficulty in hunting them and the degree of danger involved. The term is often used in tourist and wildlife promotional material targeting overseas hunters, and safari tours.

The Morality of Hunting Large Game

Nowadays, there’s a lot of conflict surrounding the issue of hunting large animals for sport. The conservation crowd worries that we’re killing off species faster than they can reproduce. The animal welfare camp argues that hunting—any hunting—is inherently cruel. And neither group is all that big on the notion that rich Americans should be able to fly halfway around the world to shoot stuff when people in the countries they visit are having a hard time just staying alive.

Appreciation for Nature

Those who hunt should be familiar with their prey, the place these creatures hold in the environment and natural fluctuations in their numbers. The pursuit of healthy, thriving populations distinguishes such individuals. When carried out properly, hunting helps prevent overeating and outbreaks of disease among wildlife.

The Abilities Required to Be a Large Game Hunter

In order to become a top big game hunter, a wide-ranging, practical capability is required. It is vital to possess the physical capabilities and stamina to handle treacherous ground and to pursue animals over long distances, and the capacity to hit a target with a bullet is absolutely necessary; thus, understanding the fundamentals of firearm safety, the procedures involved in loading and firing a gun, and where to aim properly are mandatory. And then, of course, being familiar with the characteristics of the various species that wander the backcountry, as well as what methodologies to use to follow and pinpoint their movements, and being able to live through the potentially lethal circumstances you may face as you pursue wild animals in the wilderness all are crucial skill sets.

The Benefits of Engaging in Big Game Hunting

Apart from winning a trophy, vanity, or pursuit of other human contrivances, hunting big game offers a few unique rewards. Here are a few examples.

Should You Consider Big Game Hunting?

Hunting large game may not be suitable for every individual. A considerable amount of dedication of both time and money along with strong observance of moral standards is necessary to engage. Notwithstanding, if an individual is in great necessity of excitement, has esteem for untamed life, and losses in excitement over facing dependence on oneself; then, it is possible that the activity will fit those people.

Beginners Guide to Hunting Large Game

If you have an interest in becoming a big game hunter, here are a few first steps to consider:

  • Study and gather knowledge: Understand the by-laws and systems in your province. Dedicate time to taking a hunting safety course and read up and look into the animal type of your choice.
  • Mentorship: Locate a skilled hunter who can lead and instruct you.
  • Practice your marksmanship skills at a shooting range, and hone in on tracking and wilderness survival techniques.
  • Obtain the right equipment: Buy quality hunting equipment that suits the climate and terrain in which you’ll be hunting.

In summary, there are many aspects to the life of a big game hunter. It is an old, old tradition, to start with. The hunter is a man remarkably steeped in history. And then there is the hunter today, a man who passes on the knowledge and philosophical changes of yesterday to the hunters of today. It is a challenge, the pursuit of the hunter. It is a challenge of body and mind that is the hunter’s to meet, and over the years it has perhaps grown the more difficult because so many others have taken the easy path that rising technology has been able to give them. Yes, it is a privilege of a citizen of this world to take the forest creatures, but never for a second, the true hunter will tell you, should he think himself their better.


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