You may not always have the time to scout for potential hunting grounds, but you have the money to plan for an eventful and successful hunting trip. So, your best bet at an enjoyable hunting escapade is to pay for guided hunting trips. In this article, we have presented you with informative content that will acquaint you with guided hunting, and help you locate the best guides and outfitters. The article’s layout is simple to follow, even if you have little knowledge of guided hunting


The phrase ‘guided hunting’ is not foreign to most modern-day hunters, but it may be to you if you are new to hunting. The word ‘guided’ can denote a number of hunting arrangements. For starters, a guided hunt is a hunting expedition that includes daily guiding support.

You, the hunter, have very few responsibilities as far as the hunt is concerned. In the case of guided hunting, an outfitter or a guide is responsible for almost everything related to the hunt. The lack of good or potential hunting grounds has significantly increased the popularity of guided hunting.

Today’s hunters are increasingly paying for the right to hunt, since it has become more challenging to locate game-rich lands to hunt. This is particularly the case with novice hunters who have little or no knowledge of good hunting grounds.

In this article, we will take you through the various facets of guided hunts and even introduce you to the most recommended guided hunting trips. But first we will help you understand the difference between guided and semi-guided hunting. Let’s get into it!

Guided Vs. Semi-Guided Hunting


As mentioned earlier, guided hunting is completely controlled and managed by guides or outfitters. It is the responsibility of the guides/outfitters to not only ensure you access rich hunting grounds, but you also have all the necessary resources that will make the hunting trip a success.

Guided hunts can be carried out on both public and private land. Guided hunting on both types of land occurs for a variety of game or predator, including: sheep, moose, caribou, grizzly bear, brown bear, and coyote. Guided hunts can also include trout and other types of fishing.

Guided hunting trips are mainly backpack hunts that include the use of base camps. One of the major variables of guided hunting is cost, which is also the main difference between guided and semi-guided hunting. Prices of guided hunts vary from one land to another.

Guided hunting is all about the budget. If you do not have the time to scout for potential hunting grounds, you can invest your money on a memorable hunting trip. A successful guided hunt will just about always outdo a well-planned trip.


A semi-guided hunting trip features limited guiding service, which is mainly directional guiding. Base camp tent set-up & take-down is always your job (hunter), but all the necessary equipment is provided for you.

Semi-guided hunting may include one guide or outfitter for every three to four hunters. The guide or outfitter mainly offers directional guiding, which is much better compared to traditional hunts. Joint effort is a large part of what is a semi-guided hunt.

What does mainly differentiate semi-guided hunting from guided hunting is the cost. It goes without saying that semi-guided hunts are way affordable than guided hunts. The cost is what is going to attract you towards semi-guided hunting packages.

Unlike guided hunts in which everything is done for you, you may find yourself working more than you should. Once again, team effort is what determines the success and satisfaction rate of a semi-guided hunting expedition.

Ideal Hunting Land

Finding a piece of land that that is full of game and minimum pressure is the key to being successful. Guides and outfitters have extensive knowledge of private land as they spend most of their time on the land. Your expertise as a hunter does not matter if you do not know where to hunt.

Guided private land hunts may include archery elk, whitetail, and mule deer, which may be available on abundance or limited basis. You should know that access to potential hunting grounds on private land is an exceptional opportunity.

Cost of Guided Private Land Hunts

Usually, guides and outfitters charge hunters as a group or a single hunter. The pricing differs from one animal type to another. The pricing for elk hunt differs from the price for deer hunt, bear hunt, mountain lion hunt, antelope hunt, or turkey hunt.

For instance, the approximate price of guided elk hunt on a private land is $6,000, while that of a bear hunt is about $5,000. The cheapest guided hunt on a private land may be that of an antelope or turkey at roughly $2,000. The prices may vary considerably from one guide/outfitter firm to another.

There are different types of guided hunts depending on the guides or outfitters you engage. The most popular guided hunts that you can come across are:

  • Archery Fully Guided Hunt

This particular hunt on a private land may last for a week. A single guide or outfitter may be assigned to a couple of hunters, and the group may not exceed six people. For the hunt to be fully guided, the service providers may include a cook and a packer.

Most archery fully guided hunts are for elk hunting. Guides would choose places that offer excellent opportunities to hunt unique trophies. You would rarely hike from the lodge to the designated camp site; instead you would be offered a comfortable ride to the camping/hunting grounds.

  • Guided Season Rifle Hunt

This is one of the most popular hunts in the United States. Like most guided hunts, the service providers can assign one guide to two hunters. Each group may contain about six hunters. Hunters are normally provided with first-rate crew, food, equipment and excellent service.

How to Find a Reliable Guided Hunt

Choosing the best guide is a tricky business, but it does not have to be a difficult proposition. The easiest thing to do is to make contact with a guide or outfitter, collect reliable references. Then have a good long discussion with the guide/outfitter to know exactly what they are offering.

However, cost is always an issue. When searching for affordable guided hunt, you should always know that timing is everything. Do not be lured by sweet deals of guides and outfitters at a public or private event in the country during winter.

Sweet deals are certainly attractive, but you can never be sure of the quality of service. If you make a poor choice, there is a high probability that the guides or outfitters you choose may be average. Paying hefty does not necessarily mean your guided hunt will be a complete success.

Apart from the price, your decision should be based on what you want to hunt, where you want to hunt, and the kind of trophy you want to take a photo with at the end of the hunt. With that in mind, you should find a guide or an outfitter that fits the criteria.

Filtering guides/outfitters is necessary, if you are to find the best guide hunt. Here are the major pointers that should help you find the best guides who will offer you successful guided hunting trips:

  1. The Internet

If there is one thing that has remarkably made things easy on Earth, then that is the internet. Finding guided hunts can be as easy as an internet search. However, finding the best guides and outfitters online can be exhausting, especially with the numerous options you will find.

This is specifically true for guides and outfitters in the United States. Search for the best guides/outfitters. Then go through as many as you can while you compare different facets of their service delivery. Check for locations, rates, dates, accommodations/lodging, and drop camps.

  1. Ask for References

Never be shy to ask for references. You can get plenty of references from neighbors, relatives, friends, guides and outfitters. In actual fact, most of the abovementioned individuals will willingly provide the references before you even ask for them.

In most cases, people would give reliable references. But you should remember to ask a few questions, so as to get an idea of the kind of services you should expect. For instance, you can inquire for the number of guides assigned to every group or the average success rate of a guided hunt.

  1. Hunting Trade Shows

Some people may claim it is passion to take part in hunting trade shows. That is definitely true, because for each trade show you attend, you get a chance of learning as much as you can about hunting. And it is at such shows where you will be able to meet experienced and successful guides or outfitters.

The probability of paying for a bad guided hunt at a trade show is certainly high, but you can encounter incredible guides and outfitters. If you fail to get a reliable guided hunt at a hunting trade show, you can always settle for the internet or references.

Top Guides/Outfitters You Can Contact

1. Book Your Hunt

Book Your Hunt (BYH) was founded in 2015. This is a highly reputable marketplace that provides unique guided hunting trips for hunters. You do not actually have to make side deals with outfitters, since you can easily contact BYH for paid assistance.

With Book You Hunt, you would be connected to the most breathtaking hunting opportunities. This particular company provides the best prices and guides. Also, this marketplace provides both local and long distance African Safari guided expeditions.

2. Colorado Elk Camp Outfitters

If you are searching for the best elk guided hunts, then you should look no further than the Colorado Elk Camp Outfitters. This marketplace consists of two brothers who are highly knowledgeable as far as mule deer and elk hunting is concerned in Southwestern Colorado.

One of the most remarkable features about these particular outfitters is the amazing pricing for the guided private land hunting. The firm provides important resources, including: transportation, camp/lodging, bedding, non-alcoholic drinks and food.

3. Palmer Outfitters

Another exceptional guided hunt marketplace is the Palmer Outfitters. These are among the best outfitters in the United States. They are proud to guarantee their clientele base the best outfitting/guiding services in Colorado.

These guys run two fully guided camps for rifle hunting. They can accommodate a maximum hunting group of four, and their guide to hunter ratio is 2 to 1. They provide superb mountain guided hunts, and their reputation precedes them. They are a good fit for the money.

4. Top Notch Outfitters

Top Notch Outfitters offer the best private land ranch hunting in New Mexico. This marketplace is well-diversified, since they provide the finest made-to-order hunting trips for muzzle loader elk hunters, archery, and rifle. These outfitters know all about private land hunting.

This marketplace has received remarkable comments from its previous clients. Apart from private land elk hunting, they provide: elk draw hunting, Merriam turkey hunting, and mule deer and antelope hunting. These outfitters guarantee brilliance in guided hunts.

5. 7 Lazy P Outfitting LLC

The 7 Lazy P are professional wilderness guides who provide quality and satisfaction. These are the guys to engage if you want to experience the best of the wilderness. They guarantee and offer an experienced guidance crew and camaraderie.

The guided hunting trips provided by the 7 Lazy P are among the best you can find. They are well-equipped to accommodate your hunting requirements. They offer diverse landscape that provides amazing hunting opportunities. Join these guys for ultimate experience.

6. Frosty Acres Ranch

The Frosty Acres Ranch is another amazing guided hunt marketplace in the United States. These outfitters are well-known for their great guided elk and deer hunts. Their services are diversified to accommodate different hunters.

If you want a safe and enjoyable ranch hunt in Northwest Colorado, then look no further than the Frosty Acres Ranch. You can check out their photo gallery to have a pretty good idea of the possible trophies you can catch.

In Conclusion

The best hunting expeditions that you can choose to participate in are guided hunting trips. All you need is money to pay for the complete guiding service. You will hardly do anything tedious aside from the actual hunt. Today’s hunters have fully embraced the idea of guided hunting.

What makes guided hunting even more interesting is the availability of qualified and experienced guides and outfitters. This publication has provided you with the most helpful tips that will surely help you find the best guided hunts that will fit your budget.

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